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AutoCodeGen - Onboarding our customers

In this article, we will create a new customer, create an account for them, and add a couple of products or services for our customers to use.

Add Customer

Here we onboard a customer called Rando, provide necessary information as per the object variable in the controller file, pass it into the request body and execute the request.


Upon executing the get-all API call for the customer's table, our Rando customer returned along with other customers.

logoCreate an account for the customer

Now we create an account for our customer and populate the request body with the necessary body variable. We are using the actype002 account type, which is a savings account. and our rando is setting with an initial deposit of 1000 INR


Now make the get-all API call to ensure the account is created.

logoIn the next article, we will discucss how to write a custom endpoint using pgAdmin and convert it to an API endpoint using AutoCodeGen.

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