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In this article, we discuss how to generate Instant REST APIs for your excel or CSV data source.

In the below image we have Singapore's domestic exports to different continents from 1980 in CSV format. Now, we will upload this data into our instant APIs platform, once it is uploaded we will immediately get APIs to manipulate the data.

logoSignup for ourInstant APIs platformand then create a table.

Click on create and enter a table name, we name our table as "Domestic exports of Singapore".


Once our table is created, click on launch to launch our table. Once inside we can see that our standard CRUD operations APIs are already generated.


Now click on the upload button and upload the data in csv format. Once the upload is done we are good to access the data using our APIs.


Create or Add

Now let us add one data, follow the data structure of existing data and add the data using our post-one API.


Get All

Using get all endpoint lets get all the data, as we can see the data we have uploaded / created is immediately accessible.


Update One

Now let us update the data we just added, use unique_data_id as query and copy the existing data and make some changes to it and call the update endpoint, we change the area afrom Africa to Asia.


Now we use unique_data_id as query to get just one data we have updated using get one API and as we can see our update is reflected, country changed from Africa to Asia.


Delete One

Now use the same unique_data_id to delete the existing data using our delete endpoint.


Using the same unique_data_id make get one api call and as we can see it returned null confirming our data is deleted.


Our generated APIs can be integrated into any platform or programming languages.

PS: Writing this article took me a lot more time than generating the APIs.

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